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To view outreach information, you must upload your ACS Connections records.

Completing an outreach assignment in Access ACS creates a change request. An administrator must approve the change request inside ACS People Suite and upload the changes to Access ACS before they display. For more information, see Uploading Your ACS Records.

To view both incomplete and complete outreach assignments, select Include completed assignments. To filter the outreach assignment list by date, enter a start date and end date in the Date Range fields.

The Connections tab displays all of the Outreach connections the organization has. You can view the Contact Date, Description, Assigned To, and Status of the organization's connections.

To view and complete outreach assignments

  1. Point to Directories, then click Locate Organization. The Locate Organization page displays.
  2. If necessary, in the Organization Level drop-down list, select an item. By default, <Show All Organizations> is selected.
  3. In the Organization Name field, enter your search criteria.
  4. Click Run Search. The search results display.
  5. Select the organization whose outreach assignments you want to view.
  6. At the top of the Organization Information page, click Connections.
  7. To complete an outreach assignment, click the description of the assignment that you want to complete, then click Complete Contact.
  8. In the Responses list, select as many items as necessary.
  9. If necessary, enter a comment, then click Submit.
Additional Field Information

View Map – Click to display a map of the organization's primary location.

Print Click to display a printer-friendly version of the page.

Outreach Displays the organization's outreach connections.

Date Range Enter a date range to filter the outreach connections by date.

Include complete assignments Clear this option to display only incomplete connections.

Connection Contact History Displays connection contact history for small groups.

Assign Connection Click to assign the organization to a small group. To view an entry, click the contact type.

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