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You can view and print official tax statements online.

The administrator must prepare the tax statements in ACS People Suite and sync with Access ACS before statements are available to members and attendees.

 To prepare the tax statements in ACS People
  1. Under Searches and Reports, click the Reports tab.
  2. Select Contributions Reports in the drop-down list, and click Go .
  3. Expand Extracts, then select Access ACS Plain Paper Statement Extract.
  4. In the lower sidebar, select the date range you want to extract gifts for, then click Customize.

    We recommend you select the Ignore Send Statement Flag. This ensures the everyone who has contributions is uploaded to Access ACS, and not just the few who have e-mail and mail flags enabled.

  5. On the Report Options tab, make any applicable selections, then click Extract.
  6. A message displays confirming the export is complete and asking if you want to print a report listing records without e-mail addresses. Click Yes to print a list of invalid e-mail addresses or No to continue without printing.

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