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Access ACS lets members connect to your ACS People Suite through the Internet, and you select the information you want your members to be able to view.

You can select to send individual information only (names, addresses, e-mails, phone, contributions), or include additional information such as classes and activities.

Members can only view information or create change requests, and administrators decide if the changes are accepted or declined.

Updating Information Between Applications

Keeping information up-to-date is a vital aspect of managing any organization. You don't want meeting notices to go to the wrong e-mail address or miss sending a new member an invitation to a class because information hasn't been updated.

How do you keep your Access ACS and ACS People Suite programs up to date? Here are three processes to help you.

Always process information in this order: 

The Change Request process in ACS People Suite lets you apply changes made by your members.

A change request is created when a user adds or changes information within Access ACS, such as an e-mail address, attendance, or new individuals.

A user with the appropriate rights must approve and apply the changes before the changes display. Administrators should complete Change Requests before uploading. This way, you upload the most up-to-date and accurate information between your applications.

The Upload process brings the information from your ACS People records into your Access ACS records. You can specify the information you want to provide to your members. The information uploaded to Access ACS is based on your selections. Access ACS reflects the information from the last upload performed.

If you make frequent changes or have issues timing uploads within your organization, you can schedule uploads. Scheduled uploads use the upload options you selected for the previous upload.

To learn more about scheduling uploads, see Uploading Your ACS Records.

The Small Groups process in ACS People lets you update small group information from Access ACS. You can search, report, and mark attendance for Small Groups in the ACS People Suite.

Unlike classes and activities, the structure of small groups are created and maintained inside of Access ACS. To update Small Groups, click Maintain or Update on the Group Setup page in the ACS People Suite.

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