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Before you upload your ACS People records or begin working in Access ACS, you must set up your global preferences. You must select global preferences for the following Access ACS features:

Calendar Preferences

In this section, select your Access ACS calendar option. If you do not want to use a calendar, you can disable all Access ACS calendars. If you choose to use a calendar, Access ACS provides these calendar options:

  • Access ACS built-in calendar
  • ACS Facility Scheduler calendars

Event Registration Preferences

Under Event Registration Preferences, you can select the information you will require from individuals when they register for events.

By default, guest registrations require a contact's name and e-mail, but you can require contacts to enter their address and phone number as well.

You can also enter a message to display on event registration receipts. This message displays unless you change the message for individual events. 

To save any changes you make to Event Registration Preferences, click Save.

Assign Administrator E-mail

You must enter an administrator e-mail address. When users report problems, join classes or activities, request changes to pledges, and add individuals or families to the database, Access ACS sends notification e-mails to the e-mail address that you enter.

Online Directory and Member Search Preferences

Under Online Directory and Member Search Preferences, you can select:

  • the Member Status(es) of the records that display

  • the default Online Directory privacy features
  • the fields that display, besides Name, in the Online Directory
  • the Member Status(es) that can print the Online Directory.

Members and Lay Leaders are the only individuals affected by the selections you make here. To learn more, see Online Directory Fields and Online Directory Preferences.

You can also include a customized message in the foot of the online directory. For example, you can add a message that your church directory may not be used for solicitation. The message is limited to 255 characters, and the number of characters that displays updates as you enter your message.

Church Life

When members log into Access ACS, Go Mobile links to the Church Life mobile app.

To clear this link, clear Display a link to the Church Life mobile app on the Member login page.

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