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Access ACS offers both personal calendars and community calendars.

  • Personal calendars are for individual users can keep to their personal events private.
  • Community calendars display events for your organization and are available to all users with appropriate rights

You can set your calendar preference at any time. If you do not want to use a calendar, you can also disable both personal and community calendars. 

To select your calendar preference

  1. Point to Admin, then click Options. The Global Preferences page displays.
  2. In the Calendar Preferences section, select your calendar preference.
  3. Click Save.

 With the Access ACS built-in calendar, you can add, edit, delete, and print events. New community events display as tentative events until approved by an administrator with appropriate rights. Tentative events are indicated by red text preceded by an asterisk.

  • If you select the Access ACS built-in calendar, we do not recommend changing your calendar preferences from the Access ACS built-in calendar to the TMS calendar.
  • If you change this preference, the system deletes all Access ACS built-in calendar information, including events, calendar types, and calendar locations.

With ACS Facility Scheduler, you can submit events to be approved by the Events Coordinator in Facility Scheduler.

You can continue to add and edit pending events in Access ACS, however any data management for the event must be handled in Facility Scheduler.

Event Types not published in Facility Scheduler do not display in Access ACS.