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There may be times you will need to plan for an alternate location for an event. Bad weather can quickly halt an outdoor activity, or a much larger number of guests attending an event can exceed occupancy. With Facility Scheduler and Access ACS, you can establish additional, contingency locations for your events.

By default, the first location entered is the primary location. 

If you need to change the primary location, select the Primary Location check box beside the new location. 

To add a location

  1. On the Location Request bar, click Add Location.
  2. Select a Location Category.
  3. Select a Location. Location may vary depending on the Category you selected.
  4. If necessary, enter the maximum number of occupants for the location in the Occupancy field.
  5. If the location is the primary location for the event, select the This is the primary location option.
  6. To add more locations for an event, click Add Location, select the location information, and click OK. Repeat until you have all of the necessary locations entered.
  7. Click OK.

To delete a location, click  in the location row.

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