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The Event Registration Expert takes you through each step of registering for an event using the online registration form.

The options that display when registering for an event depend on your organization's settings.

 To register for an event
  1. On the My Overview page, in the I Want to View section, click Available Registrations . The Upcoming Events page displays.
  2. If necessary, select the Month, Campus, and Department to find your event, then click Register.
  3. Select the attendees to register and click Next. You can register yourself for the event, or, if the option is available, family members or guests. 
  4. Optional: On the Options page, locate the name of the family member you want to register for an additional event or option. Select a pricing level next to the option and click Next . Repeat this process for each registrant.
  5. Optional: Select the registrant you want to order supplies for, enter the quantity that you want, then click Next.
  6. Optional: On the Request for Information page, answer any required event questions for each registrant, then click Next.

  7. Under Choose contact e-mails for this registration, select any additional e-mails to receive confirmation details. 

    • To add another contact, click Add Another E-Mail

    • Enter that contact's e-mail address, then click Add

    • When you finish adding contacts, click Next .

  8. The Summary page displays the names of all registrants, t otal number of individuals you registered, e vent name, event subtotal , amount due to complete registration, g rand total, and amount due today. Confirm this information, then click Next.

  9. If the event has costs associated with it, the Select Payment Method page displays. Depending on the organization's selections, you can pay for events using a credit card, debit card, or electronic check. Select your payment method, then click Next.
  10. When the confirmation page displays, the registration process is complete. 
    • You will receive a confirmation e-mail, or you can click Print Confirmation to print your confirmation information. 
    • If the event organizer provided any forms or documents for the event, they also display on this page. To download a file, click the name of the file.   

Registration Tips

  • If an event is sold out, the  Add  option to register additional individuals, does not display. The  Registration  drop-down list is also grayed out for individuals not registered for the event.

  • If no cost associated with the event, the word Free displays beside the event name in the Registration drop-down list.

  • The Total Cost you have incurred for the event displays in the top-left-hand corner of the page.

  • By default, the event image, description, and details display when selecting attendees. This is helpful because you can see registration guidelines, such as ages or requirements, which helps prevent adults from registering children from adult-only events. To hide the details, click Hide Details.

  • You can edit personal information on the Register Attendees page.    A change request is created when you edit contact information, and an administrator must approve the change request before any of the changes made are permanently applied to the record. 

  • When adding contact e-mails for a registration, you can enter as many e-mail addresses as you'd like.  The e-mail address entered when you begin registering displays by default and cannot be cleared or changed.   

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