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You can use the Volunteer Recruitment page to search for, invite, or assign volunteers to an appropriate opportunity.

 To recruit volunteers
  1. Point to Serving, then click on the serving opportunity you want to manage volunteers for.
  2. To recruit volunteers, click Recruit
  3. Select the position you want to recruit for from the Position drop-down list. If an alternate position name is entered for the position, then the alternate position name displays instead.
  4. Click Find Matches. The Volunteer Recruitment page displays.
  5. Select the names of the most appropriate volunteer for the position from the list.
    • To select all of the available volunteers, select the Match check box.
  6. To invite the selected volunteers to the opportunity, click Send Invite.
  7. On the Send E-mail page you can select to:
    • have Access ACS send an e-mail to the selected members for you,
    • have Access ACS send an e-mail to the parents of any children selected.
  8. To assign the selected volunteers to the opportunity, click Assign to Position.

Selecting Volunteers

Two indicators display to help you select a volunteer from the Recruiting Results page, the five-star rating and the View Matches link.

  • The five-star rating indicates how well an individual matches the criteria set for the opportunity. The number of stars displayed beside an individual's name correlates to the number of attributes matched.
  • The View Matches link displays the attributes and qualifications of each individual. For example, you need to fill a position that requires the volunteer be people oriented. Your search for volunteers for the opportunity returns two individuals with four star matches. Now, you can click View Matches and know that one of the individuals works well with people while the other does not.

If you select to let ACS send an e-mail for you, a form e-mail is sent.

Running an Advanced Search

The Volunteer Recruitment page also lets you run an advanced search for volunteers.

To run an advanced search, click Advanced Search in the top right corner of the Recruit People to Serve section. You can search using the Opportunity Name and Position as well as the Availability of the volunteers and the Attributes they selected when they created their profile.

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