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If a member’s registration for a paid event is canceled, an administrator with appropriate rights must provide the member with a refund.

Before you process refunds, you must know the type of payment the member used. The payment type displays on the Payment Details page under Payment Amount. If the member paid with an online payment, Online Payment displays. You can process online payment refunds from Access ACS. If the member paid with an offline payment, Paid in Person/by Mail displays.

Access ACS does not process offline payment refunds, those must be handled offline and then manually entered in the program.

 To process a refund for an online payment
  1. Point to Events, then click Events Setup.
  2. Click the Seats Sold for the event.
  3. Click the Amount Paid value for the individual you want to process the refund for.
  4. Locate the correct payment and click Refund.
  5. Click OK. A new Refund entry displays in the Payment grid.

Useful Information

If you cancel an entire event, you cannot process a refund for individual sub-events. The sub-events are refunded when you process the refund for the event.

You cannot refund online gifts through Access ACS. To return an online contributor, contact Vanco at 1-800-675-7430.

Refund Deadlines

Sometimes, you will not be able to offer a refund after a member cancels his registration. The registration costs may be used as a deposit for a venue that cannot be refunded. If you want to deter people from canceling after a certain date, you can set a deadline, refund amount, and notification. 

 To set a refund deadline
  1. Select Do not allow refunds after.
  2. Enter the Refund Deadline, or to select the date from a calendar click .
  3. Enter the Refund Notification message in the text box. To check your spelling, click Check Spelling.

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