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For some users, phone numbers do not upload into Access ACS.

Products affected: Access ACS

Versions affected: Any


This occurs when a individual's record contains duplicate phone number types.

To resolve this issue, perform a People Backup, then contact Support for further assistance.

 To perform a people backup

Make sure all ACS users are logged out of all ACS Products before performing the backup.


  1. On the Windows taskbar, click Start Programs > ACS Technologies > ACS Tools.
  2. Click ACS Backup, then log in using your ACS user name and password.
  3. Under Data Options, select People Data Backup.
  4. Optional: Under Additional Options, select Verify Backup.
  5. Under Configuration, note the Backup Destination Directory. To change the location, click Lookup  .
  6. Click Backup
  7. In the Select Datasets window, clear any data sets you do not want to back up. We recommend backing up all data sets in each backup in case your data needs to be repaired, but if you include pictures, the backup may be very large.

  8. Click OK.