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This feature is available for ACS Pay Plus clients only.


With the August 2013 release of Access ACS we are proud to announce the ability to give online without having to sign in to Access ACS.

The Process

Guests are no longer required to first set up a guest account to give online. Instead, the guest can go through the entire online giving process with relative ease and convenience.

On this page the individual can enter the amount to give, select a fund, enter a memo/note to include with the gift, and then enter the email address to associate with the gift.

After the individual clicks Continue, the option to Continue as Guest becomes available.

Once the individual clicks Continue as Guest, the Giving Details page displays. On this page the individual enters that payment information to use to make the gift. All of the gift information previously entered still displays at the top of the page for reference.

After the gift is processed, the individual is taken to the receipt page. The receipt is also automatically sent to the emailed address entered at the beginning of the process.

And that is it! Guests can give easily and quickly.