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If you use ACS Pay Plus, you can create a link or QR code to let people give online without logging in. You can place the link on your church's website or social media, and you can print the QR code in bulletins or display it on monitors. 

To create an all-purpose link for online giving, leave the fund and amounts blank, then click Generate. Or, you can select a fund if you want the web link to direct people to give to a specific fund, such as a Habitat for Humanity fundraiser. 

To create your link, click Generate. If you update your fund and amount, you must regenerate a new link and QR code. 

To learn more about QR codes and how they can help your ministry, watch our Mobile Minutes video.

To set up online giving web links

  1. Point to Admin, then click Options.
  2. Click Web Links.
  3. On the Web Links page, click the Online Giving tab.
  4. If you want your web link gifts to benefit a specific fund, select a Fund. Otherwise, choose No Fund Selected.
  5. If you want to specify the amount of the gift, enter an Amount. This is helpful if you want to encourage parishioners to give a specific amount, such as $10 to an earthquake relief fund.
  6. Click Generate. The link to the page displays as well as a QR code.

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