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You can mark attendance for classes at the division, department, and class levels. You can also enter the total number of visitors and their name to track attendance for visitors.

When you enter attendance markings for classes, Access ACS creates a change request. To display the markings, an administrator must approve the change request in ACS People Suite and upload the changes to Access ACS. 


The total number of visitors and their names do not display in the change request. The total and names are e-mailed to the administrator separately for manual entry.

To mark class attendance

  1. Point to Groups, then click Classes.
  2. On the Find a Class page, select a Master Group, then select a Class Code, or select a DivisionDepartment, and Class. If a Master Group contains many tiers, Division and Department may not be available.
  3. In the Class Roster section, select the individuals you want to mark attendance for. To mark attendance for all individuals, select the option beside the Name column heading.
  4. In the I want to drop-down list, select Mark Attendance and click Go. The class marked, date, and event display on the Marking Attendance page. A list of the selected individuals display.
  5. If necessary, change the date in the Marking Date field. To select the date from a calendar, click .
  6. If necessary, in the Event drop-down list, select the event you want to enter attendance for. Click Go.
  7. To mark the selected individuals present, in the Mark Selected List drop-down list, select Present. To mark the selected individuals absent, select Absent.
  8. Under Confirm Your Selections, select the individuals to mark present or absent. As you select individuals, the number marked updates. 
  9. To add a number of class visitors, enter it beside Additional. The updates the total.
  10. Under Comments, enter any comments for other group leaders or staff. You can also enter guests' names.
  11. Click Submit.

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