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Administrators with appropriate rights can search for family records. You may search using either complete or partial names.

For example, enter S in the Last Name field to search for all individuals with last names beginning with "S." Click Run Search.

To locate and view family information

  1. Point to Directories, then click Locate Family.
  2. In the Last Name field, enter the family's last name.
  3. In the First Name/Goes-By Name field, enter a family member's first name.
  4. Click Run Search.
  5. To view the family's information, click their name.

After searching for the family record or records you want, you can use the I want to drop-down list to print mailing labels and online directories. Select the names of the records you want to include in the list or select the check box beside the Name column to select all the names in the list.

Click Add Family to add a new family record to your organization database. To add a new family record, you must have appropriate rights.

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