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We're glad you've started using Access ACS!

As an administrator, you must complete these steps to set up Access ACS.

Before You Begin

The first step is to sign up for and sign into Access ACS. Then, you can upload records from ACS to Access ACS.

 Sign up for Access ACS.

 Sign in to Access ACS.

 Upload your ACS records to Access ACS.

Are you a new ACS or HeadMaster OnDemand Customer?

You may already have an Access ACS account even if you are waiting for your data to be converted. Check your email for your login information or contact Support.

Setting Up Global Preferences

Next, it's time to set up global preferences, such as personal and community calendars, if you want to use them. You can also set up the administrator e-mail address, which receives e-mails when users within your organization report problems. Next, set up your online directory preferences, including the information that displays in online directories.

 Select your calendar preference.

 Assign the administrator e-mail address.

 Select your default Online Directory and Member Search Preferences.

Setting Up Access ACS

Now, you can set up leadership positions, user profiles and users, group names, groups, small groups, and small group categories. You can also set up calendar locations and types, if you are using the built-in Access ACS calendar. 

If you use online giving, this is the time to set that up, as well as setting up your merchant account. 

 Set up your Leadership Positions.

 If you selected the Access ACS built-in calendar, set up your Calendar Locations and Types.

 Upload your ACS records to Access ACS.

 Set up your user profiles and users.

 Set up the small group structure.

 Set up group names.

 Create special groups.

 Set up Small Group leaders, categories, and positions.

 Set up Change Request Preferences.

 Set up a Member Login link on your church's website.

 Set up Online Giving. Optional

 Set up your merchant account. Only needed if you select to use Online Giving or Event Registration.