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You can export individual and organization profile information to Microsoft™ Excel .

When you export information to Excel, you can format and organize the data based on your needs. Access ACS lets you select the profile information that you want to export. Using this feature, you can combine profile information into a single report.

Once you export the information to Excel, you can either open or save the file. By default, Access ACS creates the export file in Comma Delimited (CSV) format. This format lets you open the file in any application that supports CSV files.

To export to Excel

  1. Select the individual or organization profiles that you want to export. To export all profiles, select the check box next to the Name column heading.
  2. Select Export to Excel from the Action drop-down list, then click Go.
  3. Select the fields that you want to export, then click Export.
  4. Click the Click Here to Save/Open your exported records link. A File Download dialog box displays.
  5. To view the information in your browser, click Open. To view the information in Excel, click Save.

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