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The Export tab lets you generate and export a report about a specific event to a spreadsheet, where you can view your event information in a more versatile format or sort the individuals using the questions and answers.

You can export only financial information pertaining to the event, such as event and subevent costs, and the amount that an individual has paid.

Export Envelope Numbers

If you want to import event payments into ACS Contributions, you can export envelope numbers.

For example, suppose your church hosts a Spring Break mission trip and requires registrants to sign up through Access ACS, then pay with cash, checks, or through event registration. These payments also count as charitable contributions, so this solution lets you import the payments rather than having to manually add them to ACS Contributions.

To do this, export data to Microsoft® Excel ©, add a column for fund numbers, save it as a .CSV file, import these gifts into ACS Contributions, and post them to ACS General Ledger. 

 To export Event Information

  1. Select the event from the drop-down list.
  2. Select the fields you want to include in the export. You can select individual field options, or you can click Select All.
  3. Click Export. To save the export file, click Save. To open the export file, click Open.

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