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After you create your small groups structure, add the small group leaders, and create small group categories, you can enter detailed profile information for your small groups.

The small group details act as search criteria when members search for available small groups. Make sure information is entered for the Meeting Day, Topic/Curriculum, Categories, and ZIP/Postal Code fields. Users search for this information when viewing available small groups. You must set up small group categories before they can be assigned to groups.

Useful Information

You do not have to enter detailed profile information for each small group. After you set up the small group structure, add leaders, and create categories, your small group leaders can enter the detailed profile information.

To enter small group details

  1. Point to Admin, then click Group Setup.
  2. Click Small Groups.
  3. Select the group that you want to edit.
  4. On the Create Group Structure heading bar, click Edit.
  5. Enter the small group details and select category items that describe the group, then click Save.

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