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When a connection is complete, you must enter the results of the connection.

This creates a change request, and before your changes display in Access ACS or ACS, an administrator must approve the change request. When the administrator approves the change request, the connection is complete.

To enter outreach connection results

  1. On the My Connections page, click the contact name.
  2. Under Special Instructions, enter the date you contacted the individual. If you prefer, click and select the date from the calendar.
  3. In the Possible pane under What were the responses to this connection, select the possible feedback from the connection. Select a possible response, then click to move it to the Actual pane. To remove a response from the Actual pane, select it, then click to move it to the Possible pane.
  4. If necessary, enter any additional notes about the visit in the Add any additional comments here text box.
  5. Under What are the results of the contact, select an outcome for the connection from the options available:
    • Close connection - Select to save the results and close the connection.
    • Keep Connection Open - Select to save the results without closing the connection. This is helpful for logging attempted contacts.
    • Reassign Connection - Select to reassign the connection.
  6. Click Save.

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