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Online Giving lets members contribute to your organization using credit cards, debit cards, and electronic checks. When members make contributions online, they can select the funds to which they want to contribute.

System administrators must enable Online Giving and have a merchant account. To learn more, see ACS Pay Plus New User Checklist.

To enable online giving

  1. Sign in to Access ACS.
  2. Point to Admin, then click Merchant Account Profile.
  3. For Online and Text Giving and Event Registration, click  to select the merchant account you want to use for each, then click Update.
  4. Click Enable Online Giving.
  5. Select I agree to be charged additional fees for Online Giving and I agree to the Terms and Conditions for Online Giving. To learn more about the fees and terms, click on the links in the text.
  6. Click Sign Up.
  7. After enabling online giving, click Go to Online Giving Setup to select giving options and funds.

Next, it's time to Set up Online Giving. Once you sign up for Online Giving, you can place your organization’s Online Giving URL on your website to give your members easy access. Members can also sign in to Access ACS to use Online Giving.

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