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You can e-mail your small group participants from Access ACS. 

To e-mail a small group

  1. Point to Groups, then click Small Groups.
  2. Select the master level Group for the small group.
  3. Click the Group Name.
  4. Select the members you want to e-mail.
  5. In the I want to... drop-down list, click Send a Message, then click Go.
  6. To change the Reply To and Subject fields, click Change. These fields are automatically inserted.
  7. Enter any additional e-mail addresses to send the message to.
  8. Enter a subject for the message.

  9. Optional: Select to Send this message to the parents of children. this is helpful if the participants of the small group are teens and the information in the e-mail is concerning payment for a retreat.
  10. Compose your message, then click Send Message.

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