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When viewing an event registration roster, you can e-mail event registrants. These e-mails can be as simple as a thank you letter for signing up for the event or a payment reminder.

When you send e-mails, all e-mail addresses associated with the registration receive the e-mail.

To select individuals to send e-mail to

  1. Point to Events, then click Events Setup.
  2. On the Event Setup Expert tab, click the Seats Sold value of the desired event.
  3. Select the individuals you want to e-mail.
  4. Click Send E-mail. The Compose Message page displays.
  5. To receive e-mails at a different address, enter it in the Reply To field. To display your name in the recipient's e-mail box in lieu of your e-mail address, enter your name in the Friendly Name field.

  6. To use a template, click the Default E-mail drop-down list, select the template you want to use, then click Apply. The template displays in the e-mail text box. To save an e-mail you created as a template for later use, click Save E-mail, enter a name for the new e-mail template, then click OK.

  7. Enter your e-mail message's text. 

    Dynamic Fields

    You can insert dynamic text fields into your e-mail that automatically display the selected individual's information once the e-mail is sent. 

    For example, you select John and Paul to receive an e-mail, then you insert the dynamic text field [[Registrant's Name]]. When you send the e-mail, John's name will display in his e-mail and Paul's name in his without having to create separate e-mails for each person.

    To insert dynamic text fields, click the Sign In Link drop-down list, select the field you want to insert, then click Insert.

  8. To send your e-mail, click Send Message

The individuals set to receive your e-mail message display in the Recipients section at the bottom of the page. Individuals who cannot receive the e-mail message display in the Non-Recipients section and must be contacted a different way.

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