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You can use the Volunteer Discovery page to locate individuals to serve in your organization's needs. After you search for volunteers, you can send them invitations to participate or assign them a position. 

 To discover volunteers
  1. Point to Serving, then click on the serving opportunity you want to manage volunteers for.
  2. Click Recruit
  3. On the Volunteer Discovery tab, select the Availability. Select Anytime if you do not have a specific Availability need.
  4. Select the attributes you are looking for in a volunteer, then click Find Matches. Individuals who match your selections display.
  5. To view the availability, attributes, and commitments of a specific individual, click the percentage under Match. A dialog box with the individual's information displays.
  6. To print the list of individuals returned from your search, click Print.
  7. To export the list of individuals as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, click Export Grid.
 To send invites to individuals
  1. Select the check box for the individual or individuals you to invite.
  2. Click Send Invite.
  3. Select an Opportunity Name and Position.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Select an E-mail Option. For more information about the options available, see About E-mail Options.
  6. Click Send Message.
 To assign an individual a position
  1. Select the check box for the individual or individuals you want to assign.
  2. Click Assign to Position.
  3. Select an Opportunity Name and Position to assign.
  4. Click OK. The individual is assigned the position and added to the opportunity.
  5. Click OK.

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