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Members with appropriate rights can create or edit small groups. Small group leaders can edit the information for the small groups they lead. 

When you create a new small group, it is automatically added to the database.

 To create a small group
  1. Point to Groups, then click Small Groups.
  2. Click Create a Group.
  3. Enter the What and Where information for the small group. Fields marked with a red asterisk indicate required fields.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Select one of the three available options for what time the small group meets. If you select Yes, I know what times we are meeting, enter a start and end time.
  6. Select one of the three available options for what days the small group meets. If you select Yes, I know what dates we are meeting, select your scheduling preference from the available options.
  7. To add another meeting time after establishing the initial meeting time, click Add Another at the bottom of the page. To delete a meeting time, locate the meeting time you want to delete and click .
  8. Click Save and Continue.
  9. On the Group Details page, select or enter the applicable options for your group.
  10. To schedule reminders, select Send e-mail to group members, then select when to send the e-mail. You can enter the e-mail's text.
  11. When finished, click Done.
Additional Field Information

Website/Facebook – Enter the Web address or Facebook page address associated with the small group. The entire URL must be entered.

Copy the leader of the parent group on all e-mailsCopies the leader of the parent group on all e-mail correspondence for the small group.

Receive e-mail notifications for marking attendanceNotifies the small group leader to mark small group attendance.

Allow everyone to view this groupLets everyone view the small group information. If you do not select this option, the small group information does not display.

Allow members to automatically join this groupLets members immediately join the group from the group search page instead of waiting for the small group leader's approval.

Send e-mail to group members <num day> before meetingSends a pre-meeting e-mail reminder about the small group meeting. To enter the number of days for the reminder, click the drop-down list and select 1 day, 3 days, or 1 week.

For example, you set up a meeting every Monday and Wednesday beginning in May and ending in September with a weekly reminder. The reminder begins the week before the meeting begins and is sent out every Sunday and Wednesday until the end.

Meeting Reminder MessageEnter the text you want sent to the participants about the meeting in this text box. Click Check Spelling, if necessary.

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