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If you want to include questions for event registrants to answer, you can create custom questions.

For example, if your registrants are signing up for Vacation Bible School, you can create a Yes or No custom question to ask if the children they are registering have any allergies, then create a single line text question to ask what those allergies are.

You can edit and delete questions after adding them. After members answer a question, you cannot delete it. To prevent it from displaying for future registrations, clear the Active? option to disable the question. To delete a question that members have not answered, click Delete .

To edit a question, click the question in the list. After you make your changes, click Update Question to save your changes.

To create a custom question

  1. In the Question text box, enter your question.
  2. In the Answer Type drop-down list, select the type of question. If you select List of Options, enter your answer choices in the Options text box. Each answer choice must be on a new line.
  3. Select Required to make the questions mandatory for completing registration.
  4. To disable a question, clear the Active option.
  5. Click Add Question. The question displays in the previous list. To change the order of questions, drag and drop the question's move handle .
  6. To set up multiple questions, repeat these steps.


Available Question Types

List of Options Select to create a question with multiple answer choices.

Paragraph Text – Select to create questions requiring long answers.

Single Line Text Select to create questions requiring short answers (up to 20 characters).

Yes or No Select to create questions with yes or no answers.

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