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With the appropriate rights, you can copy an activity roster and attendance records to a small group or multiple small groups.

After you copy the roster, Access ACS adds both activity members and leaders to the small group rosters as members. To make an individual a leader, you must change the individual's position in the small group roster.

If you copy individuals to a small group of which they are already members, Access ACS does not overwrite the existing records or create duplicate records. 

To copy an activity roster to a small group roster

  1. Point to Groups, then click Activities.
  2. Select the activity master group from the Select a Master Group drop-down list.
  3. In the Category and Element drop-down lists, select the category and elements the activity belongs. You must select the Category and Element 1.
  4. Under Activity Members, select the individuals you want to copy to the small groups roster. To select the entire list, select the option beside the Name column heading.
  5. Click I want to, select Copy to Small Group, then click Go.
  6. In the list of small groups, select the groups you want to copy to the activity roster.
  7. If necessary, you can copy the activity attendance record to the small group roster:
    • Select Include Attendance Records.
    • Click Select an Event, select the event with the attendance markings you want to copy. You can select one event.
  8. Click Submit.


If organizations are included in the activity roster, you cannot copy them to the small group roster.

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