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You may want to copy small group settings. You could do this when you want to offer a small group similar to one already created but don't want to create the small group again.

You can copy any small group - past, present, future, and canceled. When you copy a small group, all of the group information is copied.

 To copy a small group
  1. Point to Groups, then click Small Groups.
  2. Select the small group's master level group. Select Include Inactive Groups in the right corner, if needed.
  3. Click View Details beside the small group you want to copy.
  4. In the uppermost drop-down list, click I want to. . ., then click Copy Group.
  5. Click Go.

The Copying Small Group page displays. The Group Name displays as Copy of <smallgroupname>. You can edit the group name or keep the default name. You can also edit the copied small group information as you would a normal small group.

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