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You can view and print your organization's contribution statistics.

The Contribution Statistics page displays the total pledges and gifts for all funds at the top of the page. If contributions have not been uploaded, the page does not display.

  •  The Total Gifts section displays all gifts Year to Date, Quarter to Date, and Month to Date.
  • The Total Pledges section displays Pledge to Date, YTD Pledges Received, Difference, and the Percent. Total Pledges updates when a gift is applied to a pledge.

To view or print contributions statistics

  1. Point to Statistics, then click Contributions.
  2. To view the previous Contribution Statistics, click <Previous Week. To view current statistics, click Next Week>.
  3. To print the report, click Print. When the print preview page displays, click Print.


    If there are more than ten funds, the ten funds with the most gifts display in Pledges and Gifts by Fund and the remaining funds display grouped together in the All Others section.

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