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In the Connections area, you can create outreach connections, enter connection results, and more. 

Two types of connections are available in Access ACS: Outreach Connections and Small Group Connections

Outreach Connections are directly linked to the Connections module in the ACS desktop, and Small Groups Connections are designed to connect individuals with small groups. To access all functions of Connections in Access ACS, you must own the Connections module in ACS for Windows.

The My Assigned Outreach Connections section only displays current, incomplete connections. To view all connection assignments, click View More.

To determine whom to approach if clarification is needed, you can train your staff and volunteers to preface their comments with their initials.

To access Connections

  1. In Access ACS, click Directories, then Connections.
  2. To access outreach connections, click on the Outreach tab. To work with small group connections, click on the Small Groups tab.

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