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With the October 2012 release of ACS Church Life, we have made the following additions and corrections to the program:

The changes listed below are only for the Android and .Mobi platforms.


Staff members can now view and add comments right from the app.

Phone Numbers

  • Phone number extensions now display properly; phone numbers without an area code also display properly now.
  • Unlisted phone numbers now display an indicator so staff members can easily identify them.


Address lines now display the following field names: Address Line 1, Address Line 2, and City/State/ZIP.

Search Results

  • People search results now display alphabetically by <Last Name> then <First Name>. In prior versions, search results were ordered by <Family>.
  • The Suffix field displays now. Names display in the following order: <First Name> <Last Name>, <Suffix (Goes By Name)>.
  • A member's Family Picture, if available, displays if no individual profile picture is available. Before, if no individual profile picture were available a default blank avatar would display.


When viewing an individual’s family members, the individual does not display in the family member list.


The Events page now displays a day header and includes the location of the event in the events list.


Improved Access ACS and ACS Church Life security synching. For example, if a member is restricted to only a portion of the People Directory, ACS Church Life respects those same restrictions.

Android Specific

  • You can now pull down the events list to refresh the listings.
  • The navigation menu has been moved to the top of the screen.


Corrected issue with switching between e-mail addresses. This only occurred when a member belonged to multiple churches in ACS Church Life.