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With the November 2015 release of ACS Church Life, we've made the following enhancements and corrections. You need the appropriate security rights to access these enhancements.


Focus on...

Event Registration within Church Life

We're more connected than ever, and many of us use our smart phones more than our computers. When you promote an event during a church service, guests may want to sign up immediately rather than waiting until they get to a PC.

Now, you can register for events directly from Church Life.

To get started, touch Register on the Church Life menu. This takes you to the Upcoming Events area in Access ACS, which displays all open events.

These changes display for ACS Pay Plus clients registrants' only. To learn more, see ACS Pay Plus 

 Updated Menu


 On the Account tab, we've added a list of frequently asked questions for members and attendees, for helpful information about Church Life.

For staff members, we've moved the Feedback option under Account and renamed it to Contact Support. You can report any issues you experience with Church Life to ACS Technologies Support from this menu.

We've also moved the Sign Out button to the top of the menu. The button is still visible, but the new location helps prevent accidental sign outs.

 Changing from Portrait to Landscape

  When you turn your iOS device, Church Life now changes from portrait view to landscape. This responsive change makes seeing the app easier.

  • When selecting random individuals, the errors "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" or "An unexpected error has occurred while performing this operation. The error is Attempt to invoke virtual method 'java.lang.String com.acstech.churchlife.webservice. Core lndividualDetail.toJsonString()" on a null object reference" displayed.
  • When using Church Life on an iOS device, Connection and Event Details Description comments, event descriptions, and notes were truncated to one line. For comments longer than one line, the text was small in both landscape and portrait views.
  • When viewing comments on an iOS device, some comments were left aligned and others were centered. The comments were jumbled and unreadable.
  • When viewing Organizations and tapping More Options in iOS, an error displayed instead of names.
  • When an event was assigned to multiple calendars in ACS Facility Scheduler, with one calendar as the primary calendar, an HTML error displayed. If you deleted a Calendar that was not the primary calendar for an event but was assigned to that event, the event name did not display in Outlook Add-In. Only the time displayed.

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