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With the May 2015 release of ACS Church Life, we've made the following enhancements and corrections. You need the appropriate security rights to access these enhancements.


Focus on...

Updating Contact Information

 Now, Android, .mobi and iOS users can add, edit, or delete contact information from the Church Life app.

If a pastor runs into a church member in a coffee shop and learns that he has updated his phone number, he can update this information in the app.

 Viewing Other Relationships

 You can view Other Relationships from ACS People Suite and Access ACS in Church Life as well. Seeing family members is helpful for ministers who are away from the church doing nursing home or hospital visitations.  

 Lost Connection Information

  For Android, .mobi, and iOS users, a message now displays if Church Life is unable to show your data due to low or no internet connection.

 Organizations Display Without Searching

 The Organizations list now pre-populates, just like the People list does. This way, staff members can readily locate key accounts without having to search. Denominations can look up staff information from the app.

 Your Church Knows You

 The Goes By name now displays whenever names display in Church Life. This prevents accidentally calling a person by the wrong name.  

 Connections Workflow Changes

 To save time and make the connections workflow seamless, we've combined the Edit and Reassign connections options into one task.

 Filtering on Calendars

 You can now filter and select the calendar of events you want to see in Church Life. This is helpful for those who only need to see certain calendars, such as maintenance crews responsible for setting up rooms.

  • When viewing events on the monthly calendar, events displayed as cancelled when they were not.
  • You can default Church LIfe to log in with your e-mail address instead of the site number. 

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