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With the May 2014 release of ACS Church Life, we have made the following enhancements and corrections:


You will need the appropriate security rights to access the enhancements listed below.


Setting up recurring gifts

 If you use an iPhone or Android, you can now set up recurring gifts.

Splitting gifts into multiple funds

 If you use an iPhone or Android, you can now split gifts into multiple funds. 


 These enhancements are only available for churches who subscribe to our mobile giving feature.

Resolved Issues

  • When logging in with an email address and a longer password, "There are no users associated with these credentials" displayed. Users could log in with the username and password (IOS users only).
  • If only one connection type was assigned, a blank screen displayed in Tasks (IOS users only). 
  • When trying to view the next 50 people on the People Search screen, the next 50 people did not display (IOS users only).