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With the May 2013 release of ACS Church Life, we have made the following enhancements and corrections to the application:


You will need the appropriate security rights to access the enhancements listed below.

Connection Detail Screen

 We have updated the Connections Detail screen to display the connection type and the contact information for the individual.
You can now:

  • the address to view a map
  • the email address to send an e-mail
  • the phone number to make a phone call


 You can now enter a new connection and assign an individual or team to complete the connection.

Connection History

 You can now view the Connection History for an individual from their Individual Detail screen.

Birthdays and Member Status

 Added the ability to view an individual's birthday and member status.


  • iPhone – Corrected the issue with the Add Contacts option not adding a contact.
  • iPhone – Corrected issue with the login page. If an individual had multiple logins associated with the same e-mail address and password, he was not prompted to select one from a list of matching logins. Instead, he was taken back to the login page.