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With the March 2014 release of ACS Church Life, we have made the following enhancements:


You will need the appropriate security rights to access the enhancements listed below.


Viewing family positions

 If you have view only or full rights to view family position, you can now view family positions in Church Life. This lets you verify that you are viewing the correct record.  

Adding and viewing individual comments

 If you're a group leader, you can now add and view comments for individuals in your group.

Lay Leaders can add connections

 Just like you can view and add comments, lay leaders can add connections in Church Life now. 


 When tapping to view a picture on some Android devices, the picture was too small to see. 

 When accessing a calendar on some Android devices and running the latest Android operating system, Church Life crashed. 

 Resource notes displayed for all profiles, not just staff and administrative profiles. 

 Location was accidentally removed from the event list and has been added back (iOS only).

 Add to calendar added the first day for recurring events instead of the selected day (iOS only).

 Church Life crashed when searching for an individual that did not exist (iOS only).

 If a user's password changed and was flagged to have the member change his or her password at login, nothing happened when you entered the new password (iOS only).