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Small group connections are assigned to small group leaders when members request information about small groups. When connections are assigned, small group leaders must contact those members. They can then add members to the small groups, reassign the connections to other groups, or close the connection without adding them groups or reassigning the connections.

If you have appropriate rights, you can manually assign small group connections. After you assign a connection, the small group leader receives a notification e-mail about the connection.

If a connection has comments, they display in the grid, and you can click on the Description to read the full comment.

Useful Information

You do not have to manually assign all connections. Member users can sign in and request to join available small groups.

To assign a small group connection

  1. Point to Directories, then click Locate Individual.
  2. In the Last Name field, enter the individual's last name.
  3. In the First Name/Goes-By Name field, enter the individual's first name, then click Run Search.
  4. Click the name of the individual whose record you want to view.
  5. On the Individual Information page, click Connections.
  6. Click New Connection.
  7. Under Select Type of Connection, select Small Groups Connection and click Next.
  8. Enter the group leader’s Last NameFirst Name, or the Group Name, then click Run Search.
  9. If necessary, enter additional information in the Remarks text box and click Next.
  10. Click Submit.

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