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To add a community event, make sure Event is for my Personal Calendar Only is cleared. Otherwise, the event does not display on the public calendars. 

To add a community event

  1. Point to Events, then click Calendar.
  2. Click Add Event, then enter the Event Name.
  3. Select the Event Start Date from the drop-down list or click to select the date from a calendar.
  4. Select the Event Start Time and Event Stop Time from the drop-down list.
  5. In the Location Information section, enter the name of the location and any important details.
  6. In the Calendar Details section, select a Calendar Type by moving selections to the right pane. You can choose up to three calendar types.
  7. In the Recurring Information section, select the recurring schedule for your event. The default selection is This Event does not recur.
  8. Enter any additional event information.
  9. If you selected Access ACS calendars, click Save to create a tentative event and return to the View Event page. Click Cancel to return to Calendar View without saving the event.

Useful Information

If you require resources for your event, the administrator receives an e-mail that lists the resources you requested when you added your event.

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