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You can add participants to small groups you lead.

When you add individuals in Access ACS, you first select the position you want, then search for the individuals you want to add. You can add as many individuals as you need without having to repeatedly select the position from a drop-down field.

To add an individual or individuals who are not currently in the database, click the Add them to the database hyperlink above the grid on the Adding to page. If you click the hyperlink, the Add New Family page displays. You can then can add one or multiple individuals to the database. 

 To add participants to a small group
  1. Point to Groups, then click Small Groups.
  2. Select the Master level group, then locate the specific small group.
  3. Click Add to Roster.
  4. Select a position from the drop-down list.
  5. In the Last Name and First Name fields, enter your search criteria.
  6. Click Run Search.
  7. Click Select beside the name of the individual you want to add to the group. The individual's name is automatically displayed in the The following Individual(s) will be added to the roster grid.
  8. Continue entering, searching, and selecting individuals until you have everyone you need for the roster.
  9. Click Add to Roster.

If some of the individuals you select to add to the roster do not have an e-mail address, you can add one before adding those individuals to your roster.

 To add an e-mail address for an individual
  1. Locate the individual you want to add an e-mail for within The following individual(s) will be added to the roster grid.
  2. In the E-mail column, click Add e-mail address here.
  3. Select the E-mail Type from the drop-down list.
  4. Enter the e-mail address in the E-mail field.
  5. If the e-mail address entered can be displayed in searches and directories, select I want this e-mail listed.
  6. If the e-mail address entered is the individuals primary e-mail address, select This is my preferred e-mail address.
  7. Click Submit. Repeat this process until you have entered e-mail addresses for all of the necessary individuals.

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