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When you create an event in Access ACS, you can add forms to the event.

For example, if a permission slip must be printed, signed, and returned, you can add it to the event so registrants can download it. You can also reuse forms, which is helpful if your church uses the same permission slip or registration form for several events.

You can locate existing forms and attach them to the event, or you can add a new one from your computer.

To add forms to an event

  1. In the Event Setup Expert, under Forms, click Click to add a form for this event.
  2. To search for a form, under Form or File Name, enter part or all of the form's name, then click Find
  3. To display images, such as scanned forms saved as image files or PDFs, select Show Images.
  4. If you don't see the form you need, click Add New.
    • Enter the form's name, then click Choose File.
    • Locate the form on your computer, then click Open.
    • To attach the form, click Upload.
  5. When the form displays, click Select. You can also download the form.
  6. To rename the form for the event, double-click on the form name, edit the name, and click Save. When you rename a form, it is only renamed for that event, not in the master list.
  7. To continue creating or editing your event in the Event Setup Expert, click Next.


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