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The Account Login Invitation e-mail lets you invite individuals who registered for an event or contributed to create an Access ACS account.

This e-mail is sent automatically, but you can edit the template to meet your organization's needs.

To send account login invitations

  1. Point to Admin, then click E-mail Notifications.
  2. Click Login Account Invitation.
  3. The administrator’s e-mail address displays in the Reply To field. If you prefer that responses are sent to a different e-mail address, you can enter it.
  4. In the Friendly Name field, enter the name you want to display for Sender in the recipients e-mail client.
  5. By default, “An Invitation from Site Name” displays in the Subject field. You can edit this to meet your organization’s preferences.
  6. To include individual information in the e-mail, use the Form Field drop-down list options to search for and insert this information. You can insert the recipient's name, your site name, your site phone number, or create a login link.
  7. If applicable, customize the e-mail message.

  8. Use the E-mail Toolbar to format your notification e-mail to your organization’s specifications. You can customize font type and size, formatting, alignment, and colors.

  9. To save the e-mail, click Save.

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