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You turn on the light and see Access ACS frozen like a deer caught in headlights
Oh, you're awake. Thought you would be off in slumberland by now.
Access ACS stands up, straightens clothing, grins nervously
I was hoping you wouldn't notice how late I am. I know I said I would be here earlier, but some things came up and I was delayed. You know how it is, right? Time can just get away from you.
Access ACS reads your face for your response
Also, I had to, ummm, wait for Facility Scheduler, that's right. And you know how long it takes Facility Scheduler to get ready. Can't leave the house unless everything is perfect. I mean. come, on. . .
Access ACS is now smiling, confident the bullet has been dodged
You reach over and turn out the light

ACS Technologies is pleased to announce the October 2010, release of Access ACS! This release contains enhancements and corrections to improve Access ACS functionality.


Additional Resources:

 Event Registration

Do you need to know registration information about a specific event registration? Want to compile a list containing name, address, event cost, amount paid, and custom questions for an event? The new Event Registration Setup Export tab lets you do just that.
To export information, point to Admin, click Event Registration Setup, then click the Export tab. Select your event and select the fields you want to export. Click Export To Excel.



 Most people will always take the path of least resistance. A shortcut on the way home, triple-spacing a term paper, using duct tape instead of nails. Going online and making a payment might not seem as easy to them as it does to others. These people might just want to hand someone else the money and let them handle the specifics. With this release, staff users can now make payments towards event registrations for individuals from the event roster page.

 Want to view all of the transactions that have occurred for an event or for all events? Need to print offline and online transactions for review purposes? We have added a Transactions tab to the Event Registration Setup page, where you can do just that!



 Did you create an event named TEST EVENT so you could test out the event registration creation process? Need a way to delete it before the rest of the staff finds out about your complete lack of creativity? On the Event Registration Setup page you can now delete an event. When you delete an event registration, all the details of the event are removed from the program.


 Being able to copy an event is useful for creating events similar to other events, or to create an event that repeats ever few months or year. With this release we have added the ability to copy any Event Registration. When you copy an event registration, everything is copied except for the individuals registered for the event and the money they have paid.



 On the My Overview page, in the My Registrations and My Guest Registrations widget, Cancel is now represented by .



 We have added the ability to print an Event Registration Receipt from the My Registrations and Guest Registrations widget on the My Overview page.



 Added Total Cost, Amount Paid, and Amount Due columns to the My Registrations and Guest Registrations widget on the My Overview page.



 Removed the Contact column from the My Registrations and Guest Registrations widget on the My Overview page. To display the event location and contact information, hold your mouse cursor over the Event Name.

 Added a Payment Details section to receipts. This section lists all of the payments made so far.



 Added a Payment Made in Person section to receipts.



Renamed the Register Guests and Register Guests (Without Names) to Register Additional Individuals/Family and Register Individuals (Without Names).



 If an event was created with a deposit amount, in the Registration drop-down list on the Registering Individuals without Names page a Deposit Amount column displays to the right of the Unit Price.

 If an event was created with a deposit amount, in the Registration drop-down list on the Registering Family Members page a Deposit Amount column displays to the right of the Period Cost.

 If an event was created with a deposit amount, on the Event Details page a Deposit Amount column displays.

 Added the options to pay the full amount, deposit amount, and other amount to the Event Registration Summary page. Deposit Amount and Other Amount only display if the event is set up to accept deposits.



Individuals can now make payments towards their event registrations from their My Overview page.



 When registering an individual for an event, staff and admin users now have the option to select whether they want to an send e-mail confirmation. This option is not available when an individual registers herself; in that instance the e-mail is automatically sent.

 Can now edit event custom questions for both the main and sub events. Editing privileges are available until the last registration date for the main event has passed OR the day before the event starts, whichever comes first.

 When an event registration is canceled, an e-mail is sent to the contact person for the event.

 Removed the Cost column on the Event Registration Roster page. Cost related information is now covered by the new Total Cost column.

 Added a Make Payments button to the Event Registration Roster page. This eases the process of individuals posting multiple payments.

 Added a Send E-mail button and check boxes to the Event Registration Roster page. You can select individuals to receive an e-mail created by the administrative user.

 Added the ability to select to allow payments for each registration period. This new option in the Event Registration Setup process lets you create registration periods with a deposit. Partial payments can now be made.



 Added ability to create a Refund Deadline and enter a Notification message for events.



 View/Edit Individuals

 Renamed the Profile tab as the Personal Info tab. This new tab displays only the Personal Information section; all other sections were moved to the new Contact Info tab.



Moved the Addresses section to the bottom of the new Contact Info tab. To view information about an address, hold your mouse cursor over it.



 Added a new Social Media section to the Contact Info tab.

 The Profile tab has been truncated and replaced with the new Contact Info tab. The Contact Information section from the old Profile tab now displays on this new tab.



 Added a new Preferred Contact Method option to the Contact Info tab. The default setting for this option is Phone Call, but it can be changed to E-mail or Text Message. When the Preferred Contact Method is changed, a change request is generated.



 You can now designate a specific phone number as Preferred. This number will display in the Individual Info box. Individuals can change their Preferred Phone Number, but doing so generates a change request. If an individual tries to delete his Preferred Phone Number he will be asked to select a different phone number as a replacement.


 If you are using Facility Scheduler as your calendar, you can now display an event on multiple calendars.



 If you are using Facility Scheduler as your calendar, you can now select random dates within events.


 Change Requests

 When a phone number is edited to allow or block text messaging, the change displays in the Phone Number section of the change request.

 Member Login

Some minor tautological changes have been made to our design.

 Under Home, we renamed the Change Password section to My Account.

 The Change Password tab has been renamed to the Account Settings tab.

 The Account Settings tab contains a new Change E-mail section. This section lets you change the e-mail address associated with your user record.

Personal Preferences

 Having a hard time remembering all the things you have expressed interest in? Want to know for certain that the Book Club knows you have your eye on them? Need to have all of this information in an easy to view and understand format? Look no further than the new I'm Interested In widget on the Personal Preferences page.




 When you perform an upload you can now select to upload Social Media and Preferred Lists.

 Also, when performing an upload, if the Include Pictures option is selected it will be selected by default the next time the Uploads page is viewed.

Login Credentials

 We have updated the Forgot Password confirmation message to display the e-mail address the password reset instructions were sent to.



 You can now select the e-mail address associated with a login.



The following program corrections were made to Access ACS in October, 2010:

Article Number



Unable to send an e-mail when the e-mail address is more than 200 characters long


Export to Excel randomly changes question column order in Access ACS


Dashboard and Calendar page not displaying the same event


Members unable to view Family User Defined Fields


Canceled events displaying on the My Overview page


Total Cost not displaying properly if over $1000


Report a Problem link is not connected to SalesLogix


Facility Scheduler calendar specific events not being specified in Access ACS


Event not retaining selected date when editing using Recurrence


Admins with rights to view only members in FS cannot add Event Registration events in Access ACS


FS Calendar not displaying on the Overview screen


Password Reset option not staying selected


Enable Password Expiration Option does not remain unselected when you clear it


Non-Member Information not displaying on the Registrants Contact Information Report


Delaware is misspelled in Advanced Search


Event Registration report confirmation number not displaying in Excel


Apostrophe in admin name returns error when signing up for site


Unnecessary commas displaying in name fields when reassigning Outreach Connections


System Admin can access a member's Giving History data


Register button not displaying for Access ACS events on FS Calendar


Receive error message when logging in as staff with calendar rights


Receive error message when processing Individual Report


Error when uploading tax statements


Able to add a guest without name after the registration when only a guest with name is entered


Event transactions missing from event registration tables


Event Cancellation and Event Refunds Still to Process reports not pulling correct dates


Members not receiving online gift receipts


Event Images not displaying for Registration Events