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ACS Technologies is pleased to announce the May 2010, release of Access ACS! This release contains many great updates and additions to Access ACS functionality.


With the May 2010, release we are pleased to add more functionality for organizations.

 Organizations can now obtain a login for Access ACS.



 Organizations can now manage their profile and staff information from within Access ACS.

 With the appropriate security bit enabled, organizations can now give online.



 Organizations can now manage staff in Access ACS.


With the May 2010, release of Access ACS we have enhanced the Connection History area, Serving, and added the ability to add and edit tags to events.

 Outreach Connections

 Before, when an outreach connection was viewed, only outward connections were displayed in the Connection History area. This was adequate, but did not provide a complete picture about the connection. Now, inward connections also display in the Connection History section, giving you complete disclosure about the connection.



 When searching for a serving opportunity in the past, you had to rely on the star graphic to guide you to how well the opportunity matched the selected attributes. This was a far from perfect method that left many people in the dark. Not anymore, we have changed the way search results display for attribute matches. Matches now display in the order of best fit for the selections made.


 Organizing and locating events can be problematic, especially with the kinds of packed calendars we all have nowadays. We have taken that into consideration and have added the ability to add, edit, and remove tags from events. Tags will help you further classify and locate events.


 We have included a new More link for calendar days that have more than six events occurring. If a day has more than six events, click More to view a list of the day’s events.


 Now, when an upload is made, phone numbers associated with all address types are also uploaded.

 Volunteer Discovery

 When you need a volunteer, you want an easy and fast way to locate and match the right volunteer to the right opportunity. With the 2010.3 release, we have created a page specifically to fit this need; the Volunteer Discovery page.



Select the Availability and Attributes needed, and click Find Matches. A list of all the volunteers that match your selections display.


From this page you can start a new search, print the list of volunteers, export the grid, send out invites, and assign positions.


View/Edit Individual and Family

 Corrected issue with the ñ character not displaying correctly in Access ACS. When the correct keyboard shortcut was entered, the ? character displayed instead of ñ.

 Corrected issue with the Date of Birth field. If the year was blank, the program automatically entered 1804 for the year. For example, if you entered 03/21 the change request sent to the administrator would display 03/21/1804.


 Corrected issue with Access ACS and Facility Scheduler interfaced clients receiving an error message when copying a calendar link from Access ACS to a user Web site. The error was, “An error has occurred and has been reported to the Access ACS administrator. You may be able to keep your current session by attempting to use the Back button on your browser, or you can click here to log in again”.

Statement Notifications

 Corrected issue with the Statement Notification e-mail box deleting characters after the 1,997 mark. If you entered a message longer than 1,997 words, saved, and then returned to view the Statement Notification template, all the words after 1,997 were deleted.

Change Request

 An error message no longer displays after viewing the Add/Edit Phone Number dialog box for an individual from a change request. When viewing a change request with a phone number change, if you clicked the individual with the phone number change, viewed the individual's entire profile information, clicked any one of the individual’s phone numbers to display the information, then click Cancel, an error message displayed.


 Corrected issue with the word “Unlimited” for serving position requests when viewing the Position Details from Search Opportunities. “Unlimited” was not capitalized in this instance.


 Corrected issue with Access ACS, Apple OS 10.5.8, and Safari 4.0.4 causing users to think changes made to small groups were not made. In a small group, if you clicked Update to edit an individual’s position, the Update button does not disappear. Also, if individuals are dropped from a small group, the Effective Date dialog box does not disappear after you click Yes. The changes are made in Access ACS; however, due to the user interface errors users do not think changes have been made,

Corrected issue with the View Attendance page for small groups not refreshing. This would occur if attendance was posted for the same number of days for the two months displayed.


 Corrected issue with changing user profiles. A user would try and change a System Admin user profile to a Member Login user profile, but the user profile would revert back after it was saved.


 Corrected issue with the login process locking up if a member tries to log in to Access ACS with his e-mail address and it is not uploaded yet. The word “Loading” displayed on the screen but the page never loaded.

Events (Access ACS and Facility Scheduler Linked)

 Corrected issue with the Capacity and Occupancy fields in the Location section of the Add/Edit Event page. The fields were not meant to be edited, and have been grayed out to avoid any confusion.