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Oh, what is this? Another Access ACS release, so soon after that awesome release in November? You must be dreaming. . .but you aren't. Go ahead, pinch yourself, I'll wait.
See, you are totally awake.

It's like Christmas come early, but with software and the Internet and not lame gifts like socks or themed sweaters. No need to thank us though, this is what we do. We are happy to give this to you, our customers.

ACS Technologies is pleased to announce the December 2010, release of Access ACS! This release contains enhancements and corrections to improve Access ACS functionality.



Ever wanted to know about Ministry Scheduler Pro? Have no idea what that first sentence meant? No sweat, because you can now view information about our Web-based scheduling program by clicking Admin>Add New Features>Ministry Scheduler Pro.



 Tired of selecting option buttons and clicking Next? Think it makes the process too involved and monotonous? Well we have done away with the option buttons and Next button for the Group Setup and Email Notifications setup processes.



 We updated the Outreach Statement Notification page. The check box at the bottom of the page now reads Enable Outreach Connection Notification, and an e-mail is automatically sent for new connections due within the next seven days. We also removed the Save and Send button.

 Do you have trepidation about opening your Outlook account because you are getting email notification after email notification regarding a connection? Have you had to create a special filter to free up your general inbox and mass unload those emails somewhere else? Outreach Notification emails need not be feared anymore because the service that monitors the emails has been modified. Now, Outreach Connection Notification emails are only sent at a specified time once a day. Also, notifications are only sent for open connections that are due within the next seven days.


Small Groups 

 You can now enter your Website or Facebook address on the Create Small Group page. The Web address you enter will display on your small group roster, detail, and guest details pages.



 The Available Small Groups page has had some minor changes. The Select button has been renamed Request Info. We also removed the envelope icon as the Send E-mail indicator.




 Individual email addresses are now included in the Export Grid option of the Activities Roster page.



Facility Scheduler Calendar 

 A new informational dialog box displays when an event is clicked on a Facility Scheduler calendar. The dialog box displays the event name, and when and where the event occurs. If you want to view even more information about the event, click View More Details.




The following program corrections were made to Access ACS in December, 2010:

Article Number



E-mail being sent to the CC entry and not the To entry.


When editing a Profile name, the full name of the Profile is not saved.


Activity Roster headers are not lined up correctly when printed.


The Sign Up process does not complete if the name entered contains an apostrophe.


When you export the Serving Setup page the Active column displays but the data does not.


Dropping and adding an individual to a class, then marking their attendance causes the individual to display multiple times in Attendance Markings.


Cannot sort a roster when on the Activity Roster page.


Class leader receives an "access denied" message when attempting to view groups he is the leader of.


Random date contributions made by individuals do not display after records are uploaded.


Add Location button not available when adding events in Access ACS if the calendar is attached to a Facility Scheduler Event Type.


Export error message displaying when two Event Registration questions have the same name.


Cannot send a group email in Outlook when using Access ACS in Google Chrome.


Attendance Markings for Small Groups and Classes are displaying out of order.


Event Registration Export function was exporting all fields instead of the selected fields.


Cannot answer Event Registration custom questions on the day registration ends.


The Change Request Back button causes a server error to display.


When filtering Outreach Connections the current date defaults for the end date instead of the date entered.