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The October 2016 Access ACS update features enhancements in several areas. 


New Export Options

Since not everyone may use Microsoft® Word© or Excel© these days, we've renamed Export to Excel to Export (.csv) in the I want to... drop-down list.

Also, when viewing a graph as an export in My Statistics, we've renamed To Excel to As a CSV File and To Word to As a DOC file.

Don't worry - .CSV files still work in Microsoft® Excel©, and .DOC files work in Microsoft® Word©, but you can now export to a .CSV file instead of an .XLS file, and you can export graphs to a .DOC file. 

Renamed Tabs in Admin > Security

In Admin > Security, we've renamed the Other Users tab to FS Users. The tab still functions as before, but the name matches the updated tabs in ACS Facility Scheduler.

Connections Notifications in Church Life

Individuals who are assigned tasks in the app can now receive push notifications on their phone.

Church Life sends notifications when the connection task is accepted through a change request or when the ACS data is uploaded to Access ACS, if the task was added in ACS Desktop.  

Church-Wide Notifications in Church Life

Church-wide notifications keep members aware of upcoming events or sudden calls to action in your church. This is a great feature if your church cancels a service due to weather or calls an urgent prayer vigil.

Once added, mobile notifications are sent to all members' who have the Church Life app. Members can also view notifications in the Church Life menu.



We fixed the following issues that affected some clients:

ACS Pay Plus & Online Giving

  • When signing up for ACS Pay Plus, activating an account and selecting forms of payment to accept, Credit and Debit Cards was cleared in Online Giving Setup.
  • If a contributor gave a one-time gift after 9 PM EST, Access ACS processed it as a future gift.
  • When printing the Online Giving Report, "Object reference not set to instance of an object" displays if the date range selected has no transactions.
  • Text Giving allowed donors to select any payment type, even if debit cards were only allowed.

For Affected Clients

Although we've corrected the issue with text giving accepting any payment type, you must save your payment types in Online Giving to update this setting.

 To save your payment types
  1. Point to Giving, then click Online Giving Setup.
  2. On the Global Settings tab, click Save.

In addition, if a donor has given using a saved payment method that doesn't match your current options, that donor can still use that method to give.


Church Life

  • When using the Access ACS Calendar and Church Life on Android, 'webservice.CoreEventDetail' displayed when viewing event details in the List view.
  • When searching for people in Church Life on iOS, the app crashed when the individual has no First Name listed in the app or if each member of the individual's family has a different Last Name.
  • Church Life on Android displayed an error instead of event information in the List view.
  • When adding comments on a record, Church Life and ACS for Windows allowed more than 1,000 characters, but Access ACS did not. If a comment was entered through Church Life and submitted as a change request for Access ACS, part of the comment did not display.
  • When trying to view the Calendar in ACS Church Life, "An unexpected error has occurred. The error is Value cannot be null. Parameter name: value." displayed.

  • When viewing the Event Details in Church Life on an Android phone, "Value for line 2" displayed under the Resources and Notes sections.


  • Small group notifications were sent to members with only one full day's notice.
  • When trying to rename a small group, an Oops error displayed.
  • When trying to edit positions in a Level 1 or Level 2 class group uploaded to Access ACS, the edit pencil did not display.


  • When clicking on the Guest Users tab, "Cannot find table 0" displayed, and no guest users displayed.
  • Regardless of security settings, when an Access ACS user added a new family member, Record Type and Member Status displayed and the user could select an item.
  • The Event Export did not display a transaction's refund date correctly. The transaction was refunded and displayed correctly under Seats Sold, but not the export.