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We are pleased to announce a new Access ACS release for October 2014! 

This release features several enhancements and corrections to improve your Access ACS experience. 

For a printable version of these release notes, download the PDF .


Adding pledges

To use pledges, your organization must have ACS and use Online Giving for Administrators through Access ACS.


 Contributors can now add pledges on the My Pledge History tab. Contributors can add a pledge for any amount and to any fund enabled for Online Giving. 

Various pledge frequencies are available, and the total pledge amount displays after entering it. A contributor cannot add a pledge if he or she has already entered a pledge for that time period and fund.


Adding a pledge creates a change request which must be approved by an administrator.

Easily add pledges from My Overview

 On the My Overview Page, under My Giving Summary, we've added a link to your pledge history and a Pledge Now button to make adding pledges more convenient.

New pledge security options

 We've divided the View Pledges security option into two options- Personal Pledges and Other Member Pledges

With full rights to Personal Pledges, Access ACS users can add pledge information. With view only rights, Access ACS users can view pledges, and with no rights, the Pledge History tab does not display.

The Other Member Pledges option is only available for staff and administrative user profiles. With view only rights, users can view other individuals' pledges in Access ACS.

Setting up recurring gifts

 If you use Online Giving or ACS Pay Plus, contributors can set up a recurring gift after setting up a pledge. This is helpful because contributors do not forget to give toward the pledge.

For ACS Pay Plus clients, we have provided an option that takes contributors to the My Scheduled Giving tab. From here, contributors can make changes to the scheduled gifts (these changes do not affect the pledge) and select or enter a payment method.


For ServiceU clients, the message below displays. When the contributor clicks OK, the Pledge History tab displays.


Once a year, twice a year, or when I am able pledges are considered one-time gifts by default.

Viewing pending pledges

 On the My Pledge History tab, the Pledges Pending Approval section displays pledges contributors have entered so they don't accidentally re-enter them.

The pledge's amount, frequency, start and stop date, and total pledged amount display. 

Designating a pledge administrator

 If your organization uses pledges, you can designate a pledge administrator. 

In Admin > Options >Assign Administrator E-mail, you can add a pledge administrator. Contributors cannot edit pledges online, so if they need to make a change, this sends an e-mail to the pledge administrator.

E-mailing the pledge administrator

 Once a contributor adds a pledge, he or she cannot edit it online.

To change an existing pledge, contributors can click below the Pledges Pending Approval grid to e-mail the pledge administrator, who can then change or update the pledge.

Pledge Change Requests

 Pledge change requests that need approval display on the Administrative Dashboard, under New Change Requests. To review change requests and approve pledges, click Review or select Admin > Change Requests.

Anyone with rights to change requests can approve pledge change requests.


Pledges cannot be added if the contributor already has a pledge for that selected fund and date range, if the fund no longer exists in ACS Contributions, or if the contributor no longer has a record in ACS People.

Updated wording when registering for events

 We've updated the wording when guests and members register for events from your website. When parents register a child for an event, the wording is clearer with regard to who is attending the event.

Under Your Information, parents enter their information, then click Continue. Next, parents enter their contact information and the Registrant's Information. This helps prevent parents from accidentally registering themselves for an event instead of the child.  


Wording change when setting up registration periods

 To better explain setting up an event, we've updated the wording when setting up registration periods to allow deposits and additional payments.

Changes to the Event Registration Export

 When exporting event registration information to Excel, Access ACS exports the registrant's contact information (address, phone number, e-mail) if the guest's contact information is not on file.


We fixed the following issues that affected some of our clients:

  • For OnDemand administrators, the link in change request e-mails did not alert administrators to sign into OnDemand.
  • When using Access ACS individual reports and selecting the Profile checkbox, the lines displayed over the text options rather than expanding to include the entire section.
  • The invitation e-mail for Serving Opportunity positions included the time but did not include the date. 
  • In Event Registration, if a sub event had a capacity limit and the limit was reached, the sub event registration was not released when you cancelled a registration. The capacity limit did not allow another registration for the sub event.  
  • The Display Pledges security setting for Lay Leader or Member Login profiles did not restrict pledge information on the My Giving Summary widget on the Dashboard.