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We are happy to announce a new Access ACS release for October 2013!

In this release, the team has put together a number of sweet enhancements and corrections to help improve your overall Access ACS experience.

For a printable version of these release notes, download the PDF 




Event Registration

Individuals are no longer required to log in when registering for a paid event. If the individual chooses to pay a partial amount, he will be required to log into his existing account or create an account later in the process.

 Individuals who register for an event or give a gift without creating an account (unauthenticated users) can be sent an invitation to create an account.

 Administrators now have the ability to require registrants to enter their address and phone number. This option is set to off by default, but can be changed.

      To turn on address and phone number requirements for event registration

  1. Log into Access ACS as an Administrator, point to Admin, then click Options.

  2. Click the Global Preferences tab, then locate the Event Registration Preferences section.
  3. Select Require registrants to enter their address and phone number information.
  4. Click Save.

Global Preferences 

  The message "Your changes have been saved" displays after an administrator saves Global Preferences changes.


 The e-mail icon that displays in event details of the Access ACS calendar now connects to the intended email address, and no longer returns a server error.

In Internet Explorer 10, you can now add resources to event type fields that have phone numbers.

 When using the password link in the reset password e-mail, if the password entered is deemed too weak a notification now prompts you to enter a stronger password.

 Family position statistics now reflect the individuals selected in the upload; not all records in the Access ACS database.

 The Add to ACS or View Matches button on the Guest User page now works with names that contain quotation marks (") and apostrophes (').

 The Change Password button has been re-named the Login button when setting a password for a new account and agreeing to the terms of service.

  The drop-down list for Small Groups meeting times has been corrected. The time picker now lets you start and stop a meeting at any time, not just at the half hour or the start of an hour.

  When you add a comment to an individual's record in the Church Life app, a change request is made and a change request notification is sent through Access ACS.

  User profile totals on the Admin overview page have been corrected and now reflect the actual number of user profiles.  

  The Remember Me option now recalls the username from the last login.