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Fall days are here with cool weather and an even cooler update of Access ACS! The October 2012 release focuses on making Access ACS Event Registration ever better with the following requested enhancements and bug fixes. 

Enhancement Updates - October 23, 2012

We moved all reports related to online giving to Reports > Online Giving Reports. This includes the Online Giving Report and the Bank Deposit Report.



We added two new online giving reports: Recurring Gifts and Online Giving Forecast Report. The Recurring Gifts report displays all the current active gifts for your organization. The Online Giving Forecast Report displays the gift totals for a date range you enter. On the Online Giving Forecast Report, you can also select which fund to display gift totals from.




Event Registration

We have improved the notifications between Access ACS and Facility Scheduler! Access ACS will now send notification e-mails to Facility Scheduler users when you create an event. If you also use Event Registration, users will receive notifications when events are modified, canceled or deleted. 

We added zeros to text boxes that require the user to type a numeric quantity. This makes the purpose of quantity text boxes more obvious.

Event Export offers new options that clarify your Excel reports, especially when registrants make multiple payments.

To improve your reports, we: 

  • Added a new Payment Amount option that displays the amount of individual payments. 
  • Added a new Transaction Date option that displays the date for individual payments. 
  • Renamed the Amount Paid option to Total Paid for better clarity. 


Update On the Members Overview page, the Recurring Giving monthly balance does not total the correct amounts for multiple recurring gifts.
Update When a guest logs in to give in Access ACS, pledge balances display for some of the funds on the gift breakdown per fund page.
When you copy individuals from event registration to small groups, classes or activities, guest users do not appear in the guest registrants' list.
Pressing the Enter key while waiting for an event registration payment to process may cause duplicate payments.
When you register for an event, then cancel the registration, the Available Registrations section does not display on your Home page.