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Reusing Image Files When Creating Events

When creating events in Access ACS, you can now search for, view, and reuse media files for event images. This saves you time if several events feature the same logo or image.

Searching for images

When adding an image to your event, searching for the image saves time. To search, enter part or all of the image name or file name in the Image or File Name field, then click Find. To display the full list of images after searching, clear the field and click Find.

If you use Facility Scheduler with Access ACS, you can drill down to locate images associated with media categories.

Viewing images

Previewing an image can prevent you from adding duplicate images. To view an uploaded image within Access ACS, click View. To associate an image with your event, click Select.

 Reusing Event Forms

You can also reuse event forms.

In the Event Setup Expert, select Click to add a form for this event. You can search for forms by entering the form or file name and clicking Find.

Many forms, such as permission slips, are scanned and uploaded as images or PDFs. To display uploaded images in this window, select Show Images.


You can double-click on the form name to rename it. When you rename a form, it is only renamed for that event, not in the master list.

 Reusing Images When Adding Supplies

Just as you can reuse images and forms, you can also search for, view, and reuse images when adding event supplies.

For example, your event offers t-shirts, and you want to upload an image of the shirt's logo. You should set up a supply for each size shirt offered, but you only need to upload the image once.

As you add each additional shirt size to your list of supplies, you can select the image in the list.

When you associate an image with a supply, a thumbnail preview displays. To view a larger image without opening a new browser, click . The image displays within Access ACS.

We've also moved the Delete button to the far right of the supply list, which matches the other areas of Access ACS. Remember, you can only delete supplies if no one has purchased one.

 Organization Merge

When administrators merge organization records in ACS People Suite, records are also merged in Access ACS. Administrators won't have to remove or merge records in two programs.


We fixed the following issues that affected some clients:

  • When Access ACS is linked to ACS Facility Scheduler, users without rights to edit main events could edit subevents in Access ACS if they had permission to add or edit events on any calendar in ACS Facility Scheduler.
  • When using the Access ACS calendar only, if a member sent an email through the Contact link, the email appeared to come from and didn't include the member's email address.
  • When members tried to change Preferred List items, they could not clear all items. To save the changes, at least one item had to be selected.
  • When creating new site databases, errors displayed when uploading to Access ACS for the first time, running an advanced search, or creating special groups.
  • When searching for individual records, selecting a record, clicking on the Connections tab, and trying to print connections, nothing printed. This only occurred when small groups were not set up.
  • Members could not give online because no funds were active in dCBfundsOG. Some uploads were also cancelled or removed.
  • When uploading ACS People Suite records to Access ACS, the progress bar is much slower for OnDemand clients who use themes.