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We are pleased to announce a new Access ACS release for November 2013!

In this release, the team has put together several enhancements and corrections to improve your overall Access ACS experience.

For a printable version of these release notes, download the PDF 



 Advanced Search

 We added a Preferred List option to the Advanced Search page to help users quickly determine who is interested in different aspects of the organization. 

 Envelope Numbers

 Each envelope number associated with an individual in Access ACS now displays on the Personal Info tab under the Individual Directory. 


 Statement Notifications

 When sending Statement Notifications, you can now enter the sender e-mail address in the Friendly Name field. 

 My Groups and Small Groups 

 The My Groups tab on the Home page underwent a makeover. Instead of keeping all groups lumped together, they are now divided by type. The group type with the most groups is expanded by default while the others are collapsed. 

 Users can now select date ranges in Small Group Attendance Statistics.  


 Users can now filter events in reports to avoid seeing old or irrelevant data.

 Outlook Add-In

 You no longer have to have both Access ACS and Facility Scheduler to use Outlook Add-In; either one works with it! 

 While MS Outlook limits the number of email addresses and home addresses it can import, Outlook Add-In does not. Outlook Add-In does its best to match field types for phone, e-mail, and address types.

 You can now select the date range of calendar information you want to sync.

 Outlook Add-In now brings in the company name associated with the record, if one applies.

Useful Information

The calendar data pulls from Facility Scheduler.


 Statistics prior to 1988 now display in Access ACS.  

 When using a Mac computer, commas are now used to separate e-mail addresses when using the local mail client in the send e-mail function. 

 When moving a group into a small group, the full history of markings is carried over, not just the current month. 

 When marking attendance in Small Groups, a loading icon displays to let you know the application is still processing. 

 Changes to family positions are now reflected in the setup preferences for Online Directories.

 Avery 5160 labels now correctly align when using Adobe PDF in Access ACS. 

 A loading message displays when uploading a large amount of data from ACS groups to let you know it is attempting to retrieve your data. 

 For sites that use Event Registration, you can now manage or make changes to your payment method. 

 New Individual change requests can now be viewed and processed correctly when the Family Positions Head and Spouse have been renamed in Access ACS.  

 When creating an account, if the e-mail address provided does not match any current login, the Find Me option displays a login screen.

 Calendar events that span multiple days in Facility Scheduler now display as events on each applicable day in the Access ACS Public Calendar. 

 The Personal Preferences page now clearly outlines the information that each user wants to share in the Family and Individual Directories.