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November, a special time of year when we look back and reflect on the all the things we are thankful for: family, friends, good fortune.

Keep some space open on that list, though, because Access ACS is about to make you super thankful. We are pleased to announce the November 2012, release of Access ACS. This release includes many user requested enhancements and corrections.


Event Registration

You can now change the order of custom questions by dragging and dropping the question's move handle

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Managing Inactive Gifts

We added a Manage Payment Methods link to the reactivation window for inactive gifts. You can now quickly access the Manage Payment Methods page to add or update payment methods.

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By default, the username of the member who leaves a comment on an individual's profile is automatically added to the end of the comment. Members can delete the username information from the comment if they do not want it to display.

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Suffixes have been added throughout Access ACS to help you quickly determine which record is the one you want.

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Added a new security bit to People Data Permissions called View Pledges. The new security bit controls if the Pledge History tab displays to members and also if pledge information displays on certain online giving pages. 

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Individual Reports

You can now select to display the preferred phone number and e-mail address on individual reports. This is different from before when you were limited to one phone number and e-mail address type for display. 

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E-mail addresses are included when you export the Manage Volunteers page to Microsoft Excel. 

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When a member clicks the Forgot your password link, they can now enter either their e-mail address or username for verification purposes. 

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The Password Reset e-mail members receive now contains information about the reset link only being valid for 24 hours. 

E-mail Notifications

You now have the ability to enter a Friendly Name for connection emails. If entered, this name displays as the sender of the connections e-mail. 

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 Some family names are displaying incorrectly on the Family directory, although both family members are listed, it will read "The Smith Family".

 People who have been dropped from Small Groups rosters, when viewing the small group lists, no longer have the option to sign up for that small group. The group itself does not display in the list.

 Small groups public link displays the "Oops" error if there are no small groups with the options to publish them to the public page.

 When adding to an activity or attendance roster in Access ACS, a change request is added to the system, but no e-mails notifications are sent out.

 With Orgs uploaded, the locateperson.aspx page displays position and org name, but the position is incorrect.

 Whenever an individual is marked as deactivated within the People Suite then excluded from the upload into Access ACS (using the Use Search Results check box on the upload screen), the security record still exists. If a e-mail is sent using the E-mail All Users option, those deactivated individuals are included in that e-mail. It doesn't show their name, but it does still include the e-mail address.

When you set up an opportunity, only e-mail addresses entered in the Contact Method field displayed. Any other information, like a phone number or directions, did not.

Staff security bit issues when trying to edit an Outreach Connection. First, an Outreach Connection is created in Access ACS for a user that has a staff profile with the View all Contacts security bit set to Deny under the Outreach profile setting options. While viewing connections, you can click the Outreach Connection and read the details. However, if you click the individual’s name from the Family Members section in the right corner of the individual’s profile page, click the Connections tab, then click the Outreach Connection to edit it, the "This is a restricted area!" message displays.

The option to select Family or Individual for connection type should not display when an Organization adds a new connection.

When printing a family directory from the class roster, anyone who does not have a member status does not display in the family directory.

 When you create a copy of an event, previously canceled sub-events appear in the new copy of the event.

 When you create a copy of an event, "Copy of" is added to each sub-event name in the new copy of the event.

 The Custom Questions event report does not properly include a column for sub-event names.

 In the Event Setup window, the delete button displays even if you don't have rights to delete an event. 

 When a member cancels an event registration after the refund cut-off date, the cancellation e-mail incorrectly states that the member will receive a refund.